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News of the 6 February 2024

Img 2024 8 ans garantie

We're proud to introduce our Subaru Safe8* warranty, which offers you peace of mind. For 8 years, you can count on our commitment to quality and service.

Subaru is world-renowned for building extremely reliable cars. And rightly so! As evidenced by the many surveys and service statistics in various countries. However, every new Subaru delivered and serviced by a Subaru 6 Star Dealer or Authorised Subaru Service Point comes with excellent warranty terms.

Maximum safety guaranteed

Subaru Safe8 covers all factory-installed mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic components, with a few exceptions.

With Subaru Safe8, we emphasize not only confidence in our products, but also the durability and reliability of our vehicles. For you, the customer, SAFE8 means significant benefits because there are no additional costs for the long-term warranty after you purchase the car.

Subaru Safe8 offers you :

  • A long-term warranty at no extra cost
  • Full protection against repair costs
  • Valid throughout Europe
  • Increased vehicle value

*Subaru Safe8 promotion valid for contracts signed from 1/12/2023. the first three years or 100,000 km are covered by the factory warranty, subject to the conditions set out in the warranty booklet. the following 5 years, from the day following the expiry of the 3-year or 100,000 km factory warranty (whichever comes first, without prejudice to the 2-year statutory warranty), are covered by the subarusafe8 warranty, in accordance with the conditions set out in the real warranty contract. Contact us for more details.