Subaru Outback (accessoires)

Customize your trips.

Customize your Outback to your image and lifestyle with Subaru accessories. Whether you want to enhance the appeal, functionality or aesthetics of your Outback, with Subaru accessories you are assured of the same manufacturing and fitting quality as your vehicle itself. For details, see the accessory brochure or contact your nearest Subaru distributor.


Protection inférieure avant en résine

Front lower protection in resin

Protection inférieure latérale en résine

Lower side protection in resin

Protection inférieure arrière en résine

Bottom rear protection in resin

Elargisseurs d’ailes

Wing wideners

Jeu de bavettes

Set of bibs

Seuil de coffre (résine)

Trunk threshold (resin)

Protection inférieure du moteur (aluminium)

Lower motor protection (aluminum)

Barres de toit en aluminium

Aluminum roof bars

Rétroviseurs rabattables automatiques

Automatic folding mirrors